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Maxi Skirts….

After watching the videos for Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 2011 and drooling over all the ads for the brightly colored maxi skirt I decided I should give the maxi skirt a try. Knowing fully well that I can’t afford the Lanvin one I decided to hunt down the perfect maxi skirt available in my price range or somewhere close to it. To be honest I still feel I’m about 30cm too short to wear a maxi skirt confidently, but I’m brave enough to give it a try.  Here are a couple of skirts that I found and I think they do the job for POP of color, fit and budget. Here is the Lanvin skirt…

Net-A-Porter Wishlist

Now that everyone out there knows it’s the Persian new year today, I thought I should put my wishlist from Net-A-Porter out here for the world to see. Maybe someone out there realizes that I’ve been a good girl and would give me one of these pieces as my new year’s present. haha, a girl can wish, right?   sa  

Favorite Looks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 – Part I

With TIFF madness in Toronto, I’ve barely had a chance to check out any of the shows from New York Fashion Week for Spring 2011. From what I’ve seen and heard, minimalism seems to be the main trend of most shows for this season. Lots of whites, beiges and greys instead of the bright colors that we have seen in Spring collections in the past few years.  There were gauzy materials, sheer blouses, floaty ruffles and chiffon which was quite typical of Spring collections. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of minimalist fashion but sometimes it’s quite refreshing considering that the embellished and over-the-top styles that have been prevalent on the runways the past few seasons. Here are some of my favorite looks from the runway.   Clockwise from top left : ADAM, Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, and Elie Tahari  – All pictures Spring 2011 RTW I will be posting more looks from the NY Fashion Week and hopefully accessories as well. Btw, Solmaz – I think the models from the ADAM Sping 2011 collection had your hair! At least you can …