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Maison Margiela Replica collection

I’m not a huge fan of changing my perfumes. I wear the same couple of perfumes for years and I hardly venture out to try new ones. The last time I “changed it up” was when I was in Italy a few years back and I was introduced to Acqua dell’ Elba classic. I think this year is going to be another year for me to revamp the perfume department. I have found an entire line up of scents that I want to add to my beauty closet. Meet Maison Margiela Replica collection. The idea behind this collection is to trigger a memory in our brain using scents. The entire packaging and labeling for the bottles are all created around this idea. The first time I tried one of the Replica perfumes was when I came across the “Beach Walk” scent in the roller bottles. I love buying mini roller and spray bottles as they are small enough for carrying in purses and to take on vacations and if I end up not liking the scent …

Great Finds On Mr Porter

After receiving my Founding Member’s pass for my sneak preview of Mr Porter this weekend, I decided to share some of the great pieces (in my opinion!) that I found on this website. Don’t forget, Mr Porter is officially launching tomorrow Feb. 22, 2011. See you all there!