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All For The Love Of Football…

During the last year the team at the Dutch company COPA Football have been super busy with all sorts of projects to bring their brand closer to their fans through product design, social media and sponsorships. First up was to help bring the love of football to pint size cutie pies. Imagine a little Ronaldo or De Rossi fan running around sporting one of these “My First Football Shirts“. Another great news from COPA is their involvement with the Tibetan football team and the Tibetan National Sports Association. The TNSA is trying to develop the love for sports in general with in the Tibetan community and the support from COPA would help with this mission especially when it comes to football. The Tibetan national football team is going to be sporting COPA kits for the next 2 years as a result of this sponsorship. The story behind this young team is very interesting. Being known as “The Forbidden Team“, thanks to the China/Tibet situation, they were formed in 2001 in India. All members are exiled …

Boys Will Be Boys….

I took this picture while I was behind a red light on Bathurst and not sure where… school kids all over the place and I spotted these two boys sliding down the hill on the side of the street. They were so funny, could tell they were trouble makers since one of them had BIG holes on both of his knees… This is my picture of the day! sa

Don't count out the oldies!

I recently sat down and played a few rounds of Taboo and a round of Monopoly with a few friends and realized how exciting and engaging these old, forgotten games are. With every household filling up with PS3s and Xboxes and Wiis no one takes a moment to play with these amazing games that brought families and friends together for years and years. We busted out my friend’s Monopoly from 1983 and were amazed how after all this time we can still enjoy and get into some nasty trash talks over this game. We’re all in our late 20s and I never thought we would get so into it with trash talk and all. So, try them out!!!!!