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Weekend Browsing

Every weekend, I sit in front of my computer and go through different websites, blogs and pictures online. Sometimes I come across some interesting and useful things. I thought I should share some of the fun things I found this weekend. We all drink tea and use tea bags. I hate it when I drop my tea bag inside the cup. This cup solves that problem thanks to the little tie place on the edge. So smart! Why didn’t I come up with this. Tie tea-cup by Geroge Lee of le mouton noir & co I’m one of those city people who drives everywhere, dislikes public transit about 90% of the times and what I even more dislike is people who ride bikes on city roads. I’m sorry, this sounds mean but you guys are just in the way ALL the time! I think bicycles have been around for long enough to be seen as works of art and here is a great way to display them. Bike Rack by Chris Brigham of Knife & …

Meet Jill Schwartzentruber

Jill Schwartzentruber jewellery started back in 2004; after a few years of making earrings just for herself Jill realised she can have a side business while in school studying to become an interior designer. I met Jill this past weekend while going in and out of the market area in the Distillery area in Toronto. I first notice her stall because it looked absolutely