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80s…. MusicbySaje

The other day I heard this song playing at work and was reminded of my childhood. My dad had a really close friend who use to find great music and movies and make duplicates for us. Back in the 80s and 90s, those friends were as good as GOLD when it came to entertainment. Well, at least in Iran! Finally I asked around and found out the song I was humming to was Self Control by Laura Branigan. I got home that day, and started YouTube-ing. I think I actually found most of the songs from my childhood, amazing how this thingamajig (read internet!) works. Here are some of the videos I found, consider yourselves warned, these videos are tipping the cheese-o-meter on the red side. I LOVE IT!!!! One Night in Bangkok – Murray Head

2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet Fashion

Here are some of my favorite looks/pictures from last night’s Oscars ceremony. Hits, misses and everything in between. Remember I’m no fashion expert, these are just my opinion…. This is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures. Who would you pick for your best dressed, who missed the mark for you? I liked: Almost perfect: Something’s missing: Missed it:

Far East Movement

So I know Like A G6 is not the newest hit out there, it’s been on the radio for a while now, but when I watched the video I was so surprised! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there isn’t another all Asian group out there at the moment. If there is any, they probably don’t have a hit song like these guys! I think it’s awesome! (I’m not trying to be racist here, I’m actually so excited to see the diversity!) Far East Movement ft. Dev & The Cataracs The video is pretty good , love colorful looks the guys have and they sound pretty good! I checked out their other songs as well and I really like their new song/video Rocketeer with Ryan Tedder. So here it is, enjoy! Far East Movement featuring Ryan Tedder