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Volkswagen Digital Media Day

On Friday I attended the very first Volkswagen Digital Media Day at the Canadian International AutoShow. I have a total soft spot for the VW brand thanks to my Baby Jetta and I was very excited to learn about the 2013 lineup and other new and exciting things happening with Volkswagen. We were greeted by Peter Blackwell Director of Marketing for VW Canada and VW product Planners, ready to answer all our questions. The event was packed with exciting news about addition of new cars to the 2013 lineup, turbocharge and hybrid engines and so much more. It was exciting to be one of the first few people to see the TV commercials for the Jetta Turbocharged Hybrid.

Volkswagen Freedriving Tour

Few weeks ago I got a surprise invitation from Volkswagen Canada to join them during their VW Freedriving Tour that’s being held this weekend (July 22-24) in Toronto. Being a big fan of VW cars (ehumm…I LOVE my baby Jetta!!) I am super excited to get a chance to test the 2011 VW cars in a crazy closed course. Now here is a short video from the 2010 event to get an idea about what this event is about… I have never done anything like this before and I might as well go BIG and go with the sporty GTI with the paddle shifting capabilities for my day of fun at the Freedriving event. It looks so fun to drive, I can’t wait!!! To make this day even more fun I get to have my very own driving instructor to teach me all the tricks of the road and how to handle these cars on the track. One of the instructors for the day is Jeff McKague, he’s been a professional race and performance driver …