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Shonda Giveth, Shonda Taketh Away!

  Last night Shonda Rhimes the creator and writer of everything worth watching on TV on Thursdays yanked my heart out of my chest. After a decade of emotional ups and downs while watching Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda finally put an end to Meredith and Derek’s love affair. Sigh… We all knew it was going to happen at some point. It’s Grey’s Anatomy! When people realize they have finally got what they needed all their lives they DIE!!! Remember McSteamy and Lexi or George. Now we can add Derek to that list. I’ve been reading a lot of tweets since last night’s episode and it seems like a lot of fans are upset and threatening to not watch the show anymore (yeah, right!!) Regardless of this tragedy, I’m sure Ms. Rhimes has a plan for Meredith’s love life. What do you predict is going to happen next?? Solmaz –ย a.k.a. Derek’s 1000000000th widow

Grey's Anatomy Finale Freakout!

OMG, I just finished watching the 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and I’m still shaking from all the action, drama and losses. I don’t want to give anything away now, just in case of someone out gotten a chance to see it but I’ll write a longer post about. I just wanted to say IM FREAKING OUT!!!!! hahaha This episode was so intense that I cried, screamed, freaked out and almost changed the channel because I couldn’t handle all the stuff that was going on. That’s good TV for ya. I hate them jerks for toying with ym emotions like that but I recommend watching this episode and try watching it with someone since you might need some emotional support. lol