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What’s Your Favorite Beauty Product?

Most of my friends are under the impression that I don’t wear any makeup. I’m not sure why they think that way since I ALWAYS have makeup on. My understanding of wearing makeup for everyday is to wear it like it ain’t there. enhancing what you already have with a bit of help. Here are my personal favorite products for an everyday look; it took me years of searching to find this group and if any of them go out of production I’ll be very sad! Every morning it takes me about 5-10 mins to put my makeup on but if I’m ever running late I skip a few steps and just stick with my Nivea moisturizer, Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous, CG mascara and my lipgloss. What is your favorite beauty product that you always use?? sa    

What Have You Done To Yourself??

Plastic surgery has been a weapon of choice for people obsessed with being youthful, specially people who are in the show business. After Heidi Montag’s craziness and her insane decision to have 10 surgeries in one go I decided to look up some other famous people and their plastic surgery before and after pictures. The things I found made me a little sad that someone would go under the knife just to look a little younger. Most of the celebs that I found don’t really look like themselves anymore. Don’t get me wrong, if plastic surgery is ok with you and the being knocked out, cut open doesn’t make you light headed, go for it. My issue with it is that some people don’t know when to stop. Where’s that moment that you look in the mirror and tell yourself, ok I think I did enough. Unfortunately some people never have that moment and the rest of us have to suffer because of that! So click on the gallery bellow and see all the changes…. sa