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LGFW SS2012 – There’s No Place Like Holts

Finally it’s here, the first day of Toronto Fashion week, new venue, new runway and new clothes. Before we were allowed to go in, I took a walk around the tents to see how it was set up and I must say I enjoy the new location and the whole tent thing. It has a NYFW vibe to it and it creates a buzz around the neighborhood. Everyone wants to know what the Canada Cool tent is all about. Now the first show of the night was Holt Renfrew’s “There’s No Place Like Holts” celebrating Canadian designers such as Jeremy Laing, Smythe, Denis Gagnon and few others. I enjoyed the opening speeches and the runway, Kind a gets you pumped up for the week ahead.

Denis Gagnon SS2011 – Fringe Me Baby!

After watching Denis Gagnon’s ss2011 collection, I realized his a genius! His collection was elegant, creative and fresh. I loved the whole feel of it and I loved the combination of the green and the soft pink.  Sigh…I’m going to add some of the pieces to my wish list….starting with the long striped clutch with super long fringes on it! sa

Toronto LGFW SS2011 – Day 4

DAY 4: I managed to miss the first 2 shows of the day today while I was waiting to do my hair and makeup at the oh so fun L’Oreal booth. Since it’s my first time at the LGFW I’m trying out something new everyday. Who doesn’t like a little makeup and hair styling? Now down to the shows! I missed the first 3 shows of the day, Lana Dugmag, Fortnight Lingerie and Rita Leifhebber. Duy by Duy Nguyen’s show was fun for me since I’m a big fan of tuxedo suits and he had an amazing suit both in black and PINK! Another one of my favorite pieces was a long yellow dress, it would be great for an amazing evening party at a mansion. Everything else was in black, white and beige/gold! Keep tuned in, the next show is on in 10 mins! Amanda Lew Kee was one of the bigger shows today. Being a local girl and only 21 yrs old, she shows a lot of promise. I liked her presentation, very …