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Guys, I Love Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers!

With Brooks Brothers moving up to my neighborhood, I decided to familiarize myself with the brand more than before. While browsing their website I found out about their Black Fleece collection and I am loving their Fall 2011 looks for the guys. I love the different textures and layering pieces, gives it such a chic, old school vibe to it. Not a lot of guys dress like this anymore, so I enjoy seeing it in the Black Fleece look book. The new Toronto Location of Brooks Brothers is opening Spring 2012 in Bayview Village Mall. Can’t wait to check them out!   Solmaz

Do You Plaid Up?

Looking through late at night and saw an article about pairing plaid shirts (LOVE them!) and dark tie (it’s a must) with your suits to make  them pop and a more fresh look to them. The model for these pictures is Jason Sudeikis of SNL, he looks super cute in his get up for the photo shoot; I wonder who was the stylist for this shoot. Wearing plaids with suits is a great way of having some fun with your wardrobe and getting a bit more mileage out of all those plaid shirts we all (men & women) buy during the year. Think about it like “suiting up” with a plaid top, so Plaid Up! *Tip: Switch the suit pant with a pair of dark denim and get a great outfit for a night out or for a casual day at the office. sa