Hidden Gems – Miami Edition

While down in Miami for some needed vacation, some of the locals recommended their favorite spots to eat. My cousin and I decided to checkout some of these local diners and restaurant for some great food. Here are two of our favorite places. Big Pink and 11th st Diner.

Big Pink:
157 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Florida

Located on the corner of Collins Ave and 2nd st. Big Pink is a great hangout for the Miami Beach locals. The interior of the restaurant is a great mix of oldschool diner and a new sports bar. I loved the food, the super friendly staff and the entire dinner experience I had while I was there. The menu is super long and super BIG, but there’s something for everyone and for every budget which I think is the reason behind why it’s such a hit with people of all ages and backgrounds.

For our starter we ordered a MASSIVE plate of nachos (I can’t remember the price, sorry!) filled with hot peppers, tortilla chips, beans and awesome guacamole. This thing was huge but between the two of us we showed it who was the boss at that dinner. Even our waiter was surprised that we finished that plate! To quench our thirst we ordered some Big Pink Lemonade ($3) till our main dishes were ready.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich ($10.75) – thinly sliced beef served with peppers, onions, mushrooms and American cheese and big bucket of homemade fries!

Churrasco Wrap ($10.50) – grilled skirt steaks, fried plantains, black beans, rice, Central American slaw served in a warm flour tortilla with chimichurri dipping sauce and a bucket of homemade fries.

All in all, Mr.BBM and I enjoyed our BIG sized meal, and a bit sad that we had no room left to try the yummy desserts. My biggest tip for when going to Big Pink is go there hungry and go there before the dinner rush hits. They were super busy at night!

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My Phone Is Off For You

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people who use their phone constantly while they are on outings with their family, friends or even co-workers. I think it’s one of the rudest things you can do to someone.I understand sometimes it’s an emergency and you have to take a phone call while you are at lunch or dinner with people and if you don’t take the call something horrible might happen; in reality those emergency phone calls only come around only a handful of times.

I’m not saying I’m an angel when it comes to this topic, my mom and my friends have experienced my lack of concentration when I hear my BBM going off, I feel like a mother and I need to check on my crying child. hahaha…but I have made an effort to control my urges and not to check my phone all the time or answer it at least while I’m dining with others. I think when people make plans to meet up and have dinner they to sit down give each other their undivided attention and converse. Am I wrong? I highly doubt that!

Since I feel so strong about this topic when I came across this little package I was extremely excited and thought I should share it with others. The design of “My Phone Is Off For You” is by Ingrid Zweifel of The Way We See The World. I think it’s just the smartest thing ever. With in the package there are a few tools that you can use to show your companion that they have your attention all to themselves. Continue reading “My Phone Is Off For You”